Book Review by Puppy Raisers, Ralph & Verna Harvey

"Trusting Calvin"
by Sharon Peters

Printed in 2012, this book is the gripping story of a holocaust survivor, Max Edelman, who miraculously survived five years in the notorious Nazi concentration camp of Flossenbürg. When American forces brought an end to his torturous experience, Edelman was close to starvation, battered and blind from brutal beatings, but the memories and visions of the atrocities experienced during those years had scarred him even more.

Max spent several years in Germany where he found a wife. They migrated to America where Max spent nearly four decades trying to suppress thoughts of his troubled past. It was after getting a guide dog named Calvin, that his life changed dramatically. I don't want to say more about the contents of this book other than to say that once you begin reading, you won't want to stop!

The author, Sharon Peters, does a masterful job of depicting the bonding process of man and dog. Towards the end of her book, she gives valuable insights into the amazing work of service dogs in general.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the trainer who trained Calvin is now training a dog that we raised!

May, 2015