Cumberland County 4-H Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raiser:
Puppy Breed:
Puppy's Name:
Joan (Club Leader) & Blake
Female Chocolate Lab
"Autumn" (20 puppies raised)
Male Yellow Lab
"Dalton" (4th puppy)
Presently without a puppy
(1 puppy raised)
Male Golden Retriever
"Dexter" (1st puppy - 4th in family)
Presently without a puppy
(10 puppies raised)
Verna & Ralph
Puppy sitters
(8 puppies raised)
Male Black Lab
"Pete"(18th puppy)
Presently without a puppy
(4 puppies raised)
Bill & Pat
Male Black Lab
"Archer" (6th puppy)
Male Black Lab
"Jules" (3 puppies raised)
Waiting for 1st puppy

July 2020 Meet

June 2020 Club Meet; First since March due to COVID-19

March 2020 Club Meeting

We welcomed the newest member of our club, Pete

Pete was the center of attention!

Autumn is becoming an attractive young lady

       Archer, don't stick out your tongue for the camera!                       There, that is much better!

If you don't have a pup of your own, borrow one!

Since January of this year, The Seeing Eye Dog is the official State Dog of NJ!

February 2020 Club Meeting

Click here for the December 2019 Christmas Party

November 2019 Club Meeting

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Puppy raisers from our club made a clever pumpkin display showing a growing puppy
through graduation as a guide dog for the 4H Pumpkin & Scarecrow Contest

October 2019 Club Meeting

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Noah with newest puppy, Dexter

September 2019 Club Meeting

Archer is not interested in cell phones

April 2019 Club Meeting

Only three dogs this month!

The dogs practiced averting distractions such as paper or bread on the floor

March 2019 Club Meeting

February 2019 Club Meeting

January 2019 Club Meeting

Click for December 2018 Christmas Party

November 2018 Club Meeting

Click here for enlarged photo

Click here to see why we got this trophy

October 2018 Club Meeting

September 2018 Club Meeting

Freddie and Flash are our newest pups!

Pauline completed her "Town Walk" (finished training) September 13th.

August 2018 Club Meeting combined with Gloucester County

March 2018 Club Meeting

Our newest addition: a yellow Lab named Easton

The black Lab, Foggy, was visiting from the Ocean County Puppy Raiser Club

In China this is the "Year of the Dog" but we say it's every year!

Our new club display got first prize at the mall

February 2018 Club Meeting

We had two new puppies this month, both German Shepherds.

Here is Coleen with Wyatt

Hannah with Trigg

Beginning of a great Ifriendship!

Area Coordinator Christine Higham brought a unique doggie game!

The muffin trays were filled with tennisballs, and small treats were hidden under some balls.

Even the little pups got in on the fun.

Wyatt's first outing at a church youth meeting (he looks great in that scarf!)

January 2018 Club Meeting

Click here for December 2017 Club Meeting

November 2017 Club Meeting

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October 2017 Club Meeting

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June 2017 Club Meeting

January 2017 Club Meeting

Club Leader, Joan Maloney is holding a $250 Mini Grant from the 4-H Advisory Committee

Ryan holds the newest puppy, Kyra

December 2016 Club Meeting - See: Christmas party
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November 2016 Club Meeting
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We presently have two pairs of sibling pups in our club. Here are Hannah and Huck

And here are Augusta and Archie with their handlers

Ironically, we also have two Hannahs in our club, but only one is a puppy!

October 2016 Club Meeting
We had only three dogs at the meeting

June 2016 Club Meeting

(Click on photo to enlarge)

We had three new pups, all German Shepherds! Hannah and Ashley have sibling pups, "Archie" and "Augusta"

The star of the evening was "Inky", an all-black German Shepherd. His raiser, Ross, is our newest club member. What is more significant, is the fact that "Inky" is the 100th puppy in the club since Joan Maloney became our leader in 2002!


"Inky" appeared to be very tired by the end of our meeting!

Our Club Leader, Joan Maloney with "Bea"

All the Shepherds together

January 2016 Club Meeting

A delegation from the Cumberland 4H Advisory Committee was present in our January meeting to present our group with the annual "Mini-Grant" Award. Below is a club photo followed by a second which includes three members of the Advisory Committee .

The committee members tried their skills at training guide dogs