Christmas Party

December 14,2021

We got four new puppies for Christmas!

Club members with the annual collection for Cohansik Zoo

Puppies don't get covid19, so they don't need masks!

Quelle and Quarz, Lab Siblings

December 10,2019

The traditional puppy version of "Musical Chairs"

Left: Archer picks his gift.      Right: Joan proudly introduces her 20th puppy, an adorable Chocolate Lab and center of attention! Everyone had to hold her!

Archer got vested, posing here with Pat and Seeing Eye Area Coordinator, Christine

There is always time for socializing!

We also collected another load of stuff for Cohanzick Zoo

December 11, 2018
(click on photo for a larger version}

Club Leader, Joan Maloney passed out gifts and awards

One puppy raiser was in for a rare treat. She received a lovely letter of thanks and a set of hand-knit place mats from the (anonymous) blind lady who got Hannah, the eighth puppy she raised for The Seeing Eye!

Puppy Polyanna

"Musical Chairs" - Puppy Version with carpet squares

It seems that some of the dogs have had enough!

Neither pup would sit on the last carpet and it was called a draw!

Time for Refreshments!

Collection for the Cohanzik Zoo

There was still time for photos

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all two- and four-footed creatures!