Calendar of Events, 2019 and 2020

10/7-18/20 Paper Clover Days at Tractor Supply
Saturday, 1/18/20 - 4-H Ambassador Contest, 4-H Center, Rosenhayne
Monday, 10/12/20 4-H Pumpkin Contest entries due, email a photo of your entry to 4-H
Tuesday, 10/13/20 In-person training for members with puppies
Tuesday, 10/13/20 4-H Open House via Zoom
Wednesday & Thursday, 10/14 & 10/15 Boscov’s Friends helping friends 4-H Fundraiser
No shopping pass to purchase. Just Mention: "Cumberland County 4-H Advisory Committee, Inc"
You save 20% and 4-H receives 5% back
Tuesday, 10/27/20 Club meeting – via ZOOM
Friday, 10/30/20 4-H Pumpkin Contest winners announced on 4-H FaceBook
Tuesday, 11/10/20 Club meeting - via ZOOM
Tuesday, 12/8/20 Club meeting – via ZOOM