Atlantic City Airport Practice Boarding

The Seeing Eye volunteer puppy raisers try to expose their puppies to situations which they might face as guide dogs. Because many of these dogs will someday accompany their partner on airplanes, officials of Atlantic City International Airport and members of TSA have graciously agreed to host future guide dogs and their raisers in the Fall and Spring. Only dogs that show maturity may take part in this. Our most recent visit was on April 15, 2017.

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Representatives of Airport Management welcomed us, give a detailed description of the airport and described what we and our dogs will be experiencing. TSA officers explained the importance of the screening process. Dogs and their raisers are treated just like any other passengers. Puppy raisers have to empty their pockets, take off belts with metal buckles and shoes, all the while keeping their dog under control. Handlers and dogs must go through the body scanner alone. The dog is commanded to "sit" and "rest" while the handler first goes through. Afterwards, the dog is commanded to follow. The dogs also get body pat-downs by the TSA and seem to enjoy the attention. No photography is permitted in sensitive areas.


Waiting area for boarding (these three dogs are siblings)

The Jetway

Baggage Claim

Our thanks to officials of the Atlantic City Airport and TSA for a great experience!